For all those people who resist using a specific eye contour, though we might need it… We have very good news from Anjana! 

Dermatologists and specialists in aesthetic medicine agree that puffiness and under-eye circles are one of the most frequent consultations by patients. But , in reality, there are many people who resist acquiring a specific cream for the eye-contour, although acknowledging that the skin in that area is the most sensible and delicate of the entire face. Here is where the good news start.

For the optimum care of the area of under-eye circles, puffiness and crow´s feet, a specific cream for the eye-contour is not strictly necessary.

The effectiveness of a cream to help improve the appearance of the skin around the eyes is mainly based on the capacity of increasing the water and moisturizing content of the skin, which is basically its hydration effectiveness.

Most of the eye-contour creams that are on the market now are exactly formulated with the same ingredients as their day creams, moisturizers, or skin regenerators. Like the majority of the daily use creams, the eye-contour creams are made of water, moisturizers and skin regenerator ingredients.

We tend to speak about the special characteristics of the skin that surrounds the eye-contour, due to its thin nature, as sensitive to aging and to any external damage, but that does not mean that requires an specific cream.

What the eye-countour´s skin needs is hydration and that is what a good moisturizing cream must provide for the face, the capacity of moisturizing and hydration you find in your facial routine, and for sure, much more affordable than any eye-contour creams on the market.

 Although the eyelid´s skin is much thinner than the rest of the face, its tissue composition has the same structure under the skin as any other facial parts. That confirms the no need for any special care, unless there is any specific underlying pathology. 

This recommendation must be taken into consideration also for those people that in order to keep a good facial routine, do not wish to use a countless number of daily products. The short term and practical routines are easier to follow, and, if anything the cosmetic usage needs, is constancy.

When we need to follow way too many steps and many different products in our cosmetic routine, it is very likely that we may forget any step or we simply may be too busy to follow all of them.


It is always better to optimize the routine by selecting the shortest and most effective way and be persistent rather than a complex that will not be followed regularly. 

Since, when treating the eye-contour, the main objective is basically to moisturize and hydrate the skin, for this area we recommend more sumptuous facial creams, as they provide more hydration than any gel or water serums, like our LIFT & FIRM NIGHT CREAM, which can be used every morning as an eye-contour before proceeding with our daily routine with the day creams for the rest of face.

   With respect to the usage recommendations, we suggest applying the cream from the internal part of the eye to the external, with smooth pads until the total absorption. This way, we activate the lymphatic system of the eyelid and stimulate the reduction of the inflammation of the puffiness. 

Regarding the preservative agents of traditional cosmetics, the artificial ones are the most damaging and harmful to both the skin and the health in general. Hence, the importance of using products with fewer chemical components, especially when we use them so close to the eye.

That is why in Anjana, in all its formulations, absolutely prioritizes the use of 100% natural products of vegetable origin and the use of airless format, so these ingredients are minimally exposed to air oxidation or to its manipulation, since this could damage them.

We would like to take the opportunity to remind you that there are different types of puffiness and under-eye circles, with underlying pathologies, which with the facial cream treatments, specific or not, will not be enough.

On certain occasions, where a traditional treatment will not be effective due to the origin of the associated pathology, such as the hyperpigmentation of the ear, or the puffiness that may contain fat and tissue laxity, no cream can reduce this type of puffiness.

The puffiness caused by liquid retention in the eyelids may improve with the change in some eating habits, with the increase in the water intake, also with a lymphatic drainage, and with cold eye pads that help reduce the inflammation. In these cases, a more specific product with caffeine may be beneficial.

We hope this information will help in your daily routine, and therefore, obtaining optimal results more easily.

Anjana team

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